Tops Ways for Checking Plagiarism in Your Content

Tops Ways for Checking Plagiarism in Your Content

If you are interested to know about the top ways and the best tools that can help you in the detection of plagiarism, then you are surely in the right place, and we will urge you guys to know that this three-minute article we are going to tell you all about the best tools and also how to use them so make sure you read the Content till the very end! We want you guys to know that if you are thinking that you should publish Content without checking just because you know that you didn’t plagiarize then this is now how things work nowadays!

After the rules and regulations related to plagiarism have become strict, it has become nearly impossible for a person to publish Content without checking it with a reputable content checker! The reason is that today there are more than a trillion webpages on the internet and there is an unlimited amount of word count available on them, not to mention the words and the pages are increasing daily. So in a situation like this, there is always a 7 to 9% possibility that your Content can match the one published by another writer writing on the same niche thousands of miles away on the other corner of the globe!

Here are the best plagiarism checker tools on the web!

Best plagiarism checker tool by Search Engine Reports!

Now the first plagiarism checker free tool in our list today is by the famous website called as search engine reports! The services and the tools by this site are loved by people related to the content business and website owners, and this is because the tools by this site are free to use and are reliable in providing accurate results! Below we are going to tell you about how this tool works so pay proper attention!

Working of the Plagiarism checker tool by SER!

Follow these, and you will know how to keep this tool going on its knees!
  1. this is the link that will take yours directly to the website and on the interface of the tool!
  2. When you open up the tool, you will see a large blank text box, and now it is quite obvious that you have to add the text in the text box by manually typing it down or copy-pasting it in the box. You can also simply upload the Content in the form of the whole document by using the upload button.
  3. We want you people to know that you can’t upload/input more than 2000 words in one go and this is because the tool can’t check more than this word limit in one go!
  4. Once you are done with the input of the Content, we want you to click on the “CHECK PLAGIARISM” button below the text box! The tool will take only a few seconds to check your document!

There are many features of the tool that you should know about including its integrations with URLs and cloud platforms on the web plus you should also know that this best plagiarism checker tool also works as a grammar checker tool! Once you start using the tool, you will see plenty of exciting features that you can utilize with the help of this tool!

Best Plagiarism checker tool by Small SEO Tools!

Now the second most important and best plagiarism checker tool in our list today is by the all-time famous and loved website better known as SST! Small seo tools is a platform that has been providing truly amazing services since the last decade and most web experts all around the web today depend on the free and reliable services and tools of this website! The plagiarism checker tool by the SST is known to be the best tool for many reasons. The most important ones being it is easy to use and secondly that it uses artificial intelligence to split your text and check small divisions of it individually so that it can check the smallest percentage of Content for plagiarism!

Here is how this tool works, read the steps if it’s your first-time using plagiarism tools!

Working of the best plagiarism checker by SST!

  1. Open up the tool on your browser and navigate the plagiarism checker tool!
  2. Once you open up the tool, you have to copy the text that you need to compare and paste it in the text box of the tool! You can also upload complete files using the upload button. You can also use cloud integrations to upload your Content from dropbox and Google drive. Make sure the Content that you upload in one go does not exceed 1000 words.
  3. The next thing that you need to do is to simply click on the CHECK FOR PLAGIARISM button once you are done with uploading/input! The tool will take only a couple of moments to check plagiarism!

Enjoy other features of the tool once you hook up with it. 
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